We would like to welcome you to our Los Angeles Survival Group and hope our website will be both educational and informative. We have created this website to provide individuals with insight to our Survival Group based in the City of Los Angeles, CA.

Our survival group was created to bring people whom are truly prepping for whatever may occur on or after December 21, 2012. The survival group is a MOBILE and does not need to stay in any one location. This survival group does have plans to purchase a large parcel of land in the mountain of either Los Angeles or Kern County areas.

Our members are prepared to handle just about any disaster that may come up. Having supplies, equipment and most of all the same MIND SET INDIVIDUALS to co-exist is KEY. Our Los Angeles Survival Group, is ready to put our plans to action if a local, national or an international disaster occurs which may affect us here locally.

Our founder has been figured on several Media Outlets and we welcome you to visit our MEDIA RELEASE to read and watch the different interviews that were done on our Survival Group.

If you’re a person that would like to join our Survival Group, please feel free to apply for membership and we will be happy to review your application to join our Survival Group. Remember being part of Los Angeles Survival Group you would be part of a ACTIVE Survival Community of Preppers whom have one goal to achieve. TO SURVIVE AT ALL COST!!!

Remember that Prepping for tomorrow's unknown future is the key to survival. Our members have been training, planning and preparing for the unknown. From their collections of survival foods, canned foods, bottle waters and other high protein energy bars / freeze dried edible foods to the bug-out bags with supplies of tents, batteries, LED flashlights, sleeping bags, two-way radios, cooking supplies, multi-purpose tools, first aid kits and so much more, they are ready for whatever comes.

The founder of Los Angeles Survival Group has created our survival group to be MOBILE and able to adapt type of environment, which we might find ourselves dealing with at our Survival Site should it be over run or becomes contaminated and life cannot to live there any longer.

With multiple Survival Sites that our survival group has available, including access to under ground bunkers.

We welcome any Prepper/Survivalist to join our Los Angeles Survival Group. We do have a great membership of different people with different skills sets and professional backgrounds. Like doctors, nurses, professional tactical security forces, carpenters, day laborers, cooks and so much more.

We just ask that you understand that this membership is NOT FREE and we treat this seriously. So you will be expected to do your share with the group and place your membership dues in the group too!!! So if your NOT serious please do not apply to our group.

We are looking to NETWORK with your Survival Group.

We are looking to add more Survival Groups to our network of Survival Groups around the world. Please feel free to Email us about your Survival Group and lets help each other.

We recommend you visit Americarebuilds.us & S.A.F.E. @ Webpal.org for more info.

We recommend highly for you to visit SurvivalistsPrepping.com for other great information on Survival Prepping.

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We recommend you also visit apocalypse-survivalguide.com for GREAT networking and prepping information on Survival Techniques and more.


You can get their FREE PREP Guide, just by click their logo above with lots of Prepping information to assist you with your preps.

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